Welcome To The Aroma

Every Good Taste starts with a Great Aroma.

Welcome!! Aroma Restaurant is a perfect example of what key features make a restaurant fancy. According to Aroma, fine dining is epitomised by high-quality, healthy food made from local produce, products that are in their natural state, food that is always gourmet and never excessive, dishes that are refined and precise and a dining experience that offers personalised service and an elegant atmosphere.

Other characteristics separate a fancy restaurant from a regular one. At a fancy restaurant, a steward will usually prime your food in order to ensure nothing else interferes with the taste of the food. Similarly, high-quality silverware elevates a restaurant from casual to gastronomic. Service is a big game changer in terms of ‘fancy’ or not. At an upmarket establishment, service is top carve and the guests are generally served simultaneously; the waiters usually pull out your chair for you too. It simply involves greater attention to detail all round.

Eating is as much a visual pleasure as it is a feast for the taste buds and, as a result, food presentation has evolved into somewhat of an art. Research has shown that dishes which look better, actually taste better too. In collusion with this, Restaurant Aroma presents its food beautifully, yet with artful simplicity.


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